Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Tips for Successful Link Building

If you were to ask an expert internet marketer where they get all their traffic that seems ready to buy the moment they get there, they'd tell you that they rely on the search engines. If you hope to beat out all the other sites on the engines, then you'd better work at getting one way backlinks from relevant sites so that the search engines will favor you. Link building must be done if you ever hope to rank high for the keywords you've chosen. Getting loads of backlinks isn't hard if you just follow the tips you're about to read about.

You should concentrate on building high quality backlinks, but this doesn't have to be hard and inconvenient. Yes, you will be able to create backlinks when you comment on other blogs that are in your niche. You probably think that making these comments will take too much time. Quite frankly, this is where you have to start making some great decisions. You have the chance to put your name and link in your blog comments.When you leave a comment on a blog, it can include your link and name. However, it is important how you make your comments and on which blog you put them. First, make comments on blogs that have the same topics as yours because this should get the readers that are interested in the same topics.

Get the Search Engines to Crawl Your Site More Often

If you're interested in making your site more attractive to search engine crawlers so you can generate more free traffic for your site then you've come to the right place. The Google crawl rate is nothing but the total frequency with which their bots visit your site and index new content. Some websites go a long time in between crawls and this prevents new material from gaining valuable page rank. But you can change that by making your site more crawlable.

It's important to invest a little time and attention to optimize the photos on your site. Images that aren't optimized usually aren't good for the overall performance of your site in the search engines. It can also lead to a less than favorable crawl rate for your website. But the real question is how to get that improved crawl rate. You can do many things to optimize images like placing keywords in the name of the file, resizing images properly, and using captions that are designed to appeal to search engine crawlers. While these may seem like simple steps they can have a huge impact on how often your website gets crawled by the search engines.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Fenomena yang Terjadi Setelah Pemilu, Pasti! [] tanggal 9 juli 2014. Ada yang tidak taukah ada apa dengan hari besok kenapa kok diliburkan ?
Ya, besok itu adalah hari dimana masyarakat Indonesia melakukan Pemilu Presiden. Calon Presiden dan Calon Wakil Presiden sudah melakukan banyak kegiatan untuk ‘mempromosikan’ agar dapat memperoleh sebanyak-banyaknya suara dari masyarakat Indonesia.
Selama menjelang menuju hari-H Pemilu ini pun banyak terjadi kampanye hitam. Lalu tidak sedikit pula ada beberapa pihak yang memancing sehingga terjadi saling menjelek-jelekkan para Calon Presiden dan Calon Wakil Presiden.
Di sini saya tidak akan menyebut siapa Calon Presiden dan Calon Wakil Presidennya. Karena di artikel ini saya bersifat netral dan tidak bermaksud ‘mempromosikan’ maupun menjelek-jelekkan para Calon Presiden dan Calon Wakil Presiden. Jika butuh info tentang mereka, kalian tinggal cari di Internet. Ok, sekarang kita kembali ke pokok tema yang akan saya bahas di sini.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Forty-one reasons why you shouldn’t date a photographer

1. They’re weird are artists. And that should be self explanatory. You might find yourself at a restaurant table with a photographer who is looking deep into your eyes. Well, don’t be fooled. He’s probably thinking about your best angle

 2. The birthday presents will surprise you

Most of the times it will be a framed portrait of yourself, captured some time ago when you probably weren’t looking.

3. Their favorite days are not yours

Like most people, you probably enjoy a bright, sunny day. Well, photographers enjoy foggy, gloomy mornings that would make most people sad.

4. They’re hoarders

Photographers collect piles of news papers, magazine, and generally anything they find inspiring, even for a short term.